• Miss Joanna Ward

    Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, E-safety co-ordinator, Staff Governor

  • Miss Karen Porter

    Deputy Headteacher, Early Years Leader, Staff Governor

  • Mrs Michelle Waters

    Key Stage 1 Leader, Year 2 Teacher Hazel Class, Science and Maths Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Claire Peacock

    Key Stage 2 Leader, Year 6 Teacher Cedar Class, English and Maths Co-ordinator

  • Mr Graham Allison

    Year Teacher, Holly Class, PE Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Sue Campbell

    Year 5 Teacher, Maple Class. Geography co-ordinator

  • Miss Gemma Costello

    Reception Class Teacher, Beech Class. Design and Technology co-ordinator

  • Mrs Alison Dodd

    Year 6 Teacher Cedar Class, SEND Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Sarah Hedley

    Year 3 Teacher, Poplar Class Class, Modern Foreign Languages Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Marilyn Madgwick

    Year 5 Teacher, Maple Class. Music co-ordinator

  • Mrs Amy Milne

    Year 1 Teacher, Sycamore Class. PSHE co-ordinator

  • Mrs Sarah McLeod

    Nursery Teacher, Apple Class, RE co-ordinator

  • Mrs Andrea Wilson

    Year 5 Teacher, Rowan Class, Assessment and Computing Co-ordinator

  • Mrs Tracey Smith

    Year 6 teacher, Larch Class. History co-ordinator

  • Miss Emma Watson

    Year 4 teacher, Chestnut Class.

  • Mrs Heather McConnell

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Brenda Wilson

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Leighanne Hinson

    Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Debbie McFall

    Inclusion Mentor

  • Miss Georgia Ritson

    Learning Mentor

  • Mrs Dorothy Ward

    Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Angela Markham-Lee

    School Business Manager, Co-opted Governor

  • Mrs Claire Cheesman

    Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Joanne Buchanan

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Joanne Carter

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Val Morris

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Hannah Brown

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Rachel Nancekivell

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Angela Leonard

    Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner

  • Miss Chloe Mackie

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Lyndsay Loy

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Laurie Dodds


  • Mrs Debbie Dolby


  • Miss Zoe Tweedy

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs Michelle Blaikie

    Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

  • Mrs Mandy Redpath

    Lunchtime supervisor

  • Mrs Doreen Reid

    Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner

  • Ms Kimberly Ryder

    Lunchtime supervisor

  • Mrs Isabel Winter

    Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner

  • Mrs Susan Watson

    Lunchtime Supervisor, Cleaner