Meet the Governors

Our Governing Body is made up of twelve governors whose role is to act as a 'critical friend' to the school. Governors are appointed in a number of ways.
At West End Primary School the Governing Body is made up of two staff governors (the Headteacher and one other member appointed by the staff); three parent governors (appointed by the parents); six 
co-opted governors (appointed by the governing body) and one local authority governor (appointed by Northumberland County Council).
For a register of attendance at meetings and a current register of governor interests please see the following pages.
Terms of office
Governors are appointed for a term of four years.
Parent governors are appointed by nomination and election by parents/carers of children currently attending the school. To be nominated as a parent governor the nominee must have a child attending the school at the time of the election. Parent governors may serve out their term of office even if their child has left the school.
Co-opted governors are appointed at the invitation of the Governing Body. Co-opted governors are interested parties who may be from the local community or businesses and who will be invited to serve on the Governing Body because of their experience or knowledge from beyond the world of education or because of their particular interest in the good of the school. Co-opted governors may be asked to continue in their role for a further term by the Governing Body.
Local authority governors are appointed by Northumberland County Council. Local authority governors may be invited to continue in their role for a further term by the Governing Body with the agreement of NCC.
Staff governors are appointed by nomination and election by the current staff of the school.
Please see below for the dates of terms of office for governors serving within the last year.
Governor                       Term of office                                                Appointed by
Karl Green                    31-3-22 to 31-3-26                                      Governing Body
Angela Markham-Lee    1-11-21 to 31-10-25                                      Governing Body
Rev Alan McGougan.      4-5-22 to 3-5-26                                         Governing Body
Joanna Ward                Headteacher governor                                 Staff
Claire Cheesman           3-11-20 to 2-11-24                                        Governing body
Graham Russell              23-3-21 to 22-3-25                                     Governing Body                            
Jamie Chapman              5-5-21 to 4-5-25                                         Parents   
Morag Boyes                  4-5-22 to 3-5-26                                        Governing Body/LA
Susan Campbell              22-3-23 to 21-3-27                                     Staff
Michelle Waters            22-3-23 to 21-3-27                                     Governing Body
Chris Thirtle                  22-3-23 to 21-3-27                                     Parents
Committee membership
Resources management: Karl Green, Rev Alan McGougan, Jamie Chapman, Angela Markham-Lee, Chris Thirtle & Joanna Ward.
Strategic direction: Graham Russell, Morag Boyes, Claire Cheesman, Michelle Waters, Susan Campbell & Joanna Ward
  • Mr Karl Green

    Co-Chair, Co-opted Governor, Resource Management Committee (Chair), Responsible for Finance, Assessment

  • Mrs Angela Markham-Lee

    Co-opted governor, Resource Management Committee (Clerk)

  • Miss Joanna Ward

    Staff Governor (Headteacher), Strategic Direction Committee, Resource Management Committee

  • Mr Graham Russell

    Co-opted Governor, Strategic Direction Committee

  • Mrs Claire Cheesman

    Associate Governor, Strategic Direction Committee, Responsible for Pupil Voice

  • Mr Jamie Chapman

    Parent Governor, Resource Management Committee, Safeguarding governor

  • Ms Morag Boyes

    Associate governor, Strategic Direction Committee

  • Rev Alan McGougan

    Co- Chair, Co-opted governor, Resource Management Committee

  • Mr Chris Thirtle

    Parent Governor, Resource Management Committee, Anti bullying & wellbeing Governor

  • Mrs Michelle Waters

    Associate Governor, Deputy Headteacher, Strategic Direction Committee

  • Mrs Susan Campbell

    Staff Governor, Strategic Direction Committee