School Council Overview

Our School Council is made up of 20 pupils from Year 1-6 This year, we held our democratic election in October and the children voted for their own class councillors. Each School Councillor serves a term of 1 school year.
The School Council meets regularly with Mrs Milne to discuss how to improve the school. Here are just some of the things the School Council has done to make West End a better place: 
*The School Council have played an instrumental part of helping to recruit our new Headteacher and Deputy Head. 
*They thought of questions and interviewed the panel fairly and politely before passing on their opinions in a very thoughtful and grown up way. 
*There next project is to help improve our school by using the Pupil's voice to inform us. We will keep you update. 
*In the summer term, we plan on doing some fundraising to help stock up our library. 
Our School Councillors take their job very seriously and are always keen to help make our school a safe and happy place.