Dos and Don'ts - Information for Parents


Please help us to keep our school a calm, safe and happy place by following these simple dos and don’ts.



Jewellery is not allowed in school. If your child is wearing jewellery in school he/she will be asked to remove it and the teacher will keep it safe until the end of the day. Please teach your child to remove his/her earrings as these should not be worn. If your child has recently had his/her ears pierced (within the last 6 weeks) please ensure that only plain studs (no hoops, dangly earrings or bling!)are worn until the piercing heals and then remove earrings before school.



We have no objection to most hairstyles however we ask that you do not send your child to school with dyed hair. This can draw unnecessary and sometimes unwanted attention to your child.


Bikes and scooters

Please ensure that your child does not ride his or her bike or scooter in the yard before or after school. Parents are also requested not to ride bikes or scooters in the school yard.



Dogs are not allowed in the school grounds, even if carried, and should be secured outside the school gates at a distance from the entrance. Please also make sure that you clear up any mess your dog may make outside of the school grounds.


Safe places to play

Please do not allow your child, or any older or younger siblings, to climb on the railings or walls before or after school. The red lines on the playground mark out where the children can and cannot play. Please make sure your child (or any younger or older siblings)  does not play in these areas while you are supervising him/her. We also ask that you do not allow the children to use the climbing wall or garden area before or after school for reasons of health and safety. Lastly we do not allow ball games on the yard before or after school as the yard becomes crowded and we don’t want anyone to be hurt by a stray football.


Toys in school

The children are not allowed to bring toys from home to school as they can easily become lost or damaged.


Water bottles

We encourage the children to drink water in school as good hydration is an essential for good health and concentration. Please only send plain water, not flavoured water or juice, as these may contain sugars. Juices or sweetened drinks can’t provide the benefits of water. Drinking clean water removes the toxins present in your body through urine and sweat. Water helps your kidneys to flush out toxins and also helps cells in your body to absorb the essential nutrients. Though juices can also help in detoxifying your body, water helps in flushing the toxins that have been built up for months. Children can still bring juice to drink with their packed lunch. 



 Fruit snacks for Key Stage 2

The children will only be allowed to eat snacks of fresh fruit or vegetables. Please do not send your child with fruit loops or other fruit based confectionery or fruity snack bars as these are not allowed.


Sweet treats

It is very thoughtful of parents to send in sweets and cakes to share on their child’s birthday or after a holiday, however, we are unable to distribute them as some children have allergies and some parents do not wish their child to have too many sweet treats. Please respect the wishes of other parents.


Phones in school

The school staff are not allowed to use their mobile phones in the school building except in staff only areas. This is to safeguard both staff and children. If you are visiting school for any reason or taking part in a trip you may not use your mobile phone or any other device unless you have been informed that you may do so. If you wish to participate in any of our events please be aware that you will not be allowed to use your phone for the duration of any of our activities. Children are not allowed to use phones in school, except those walking to and from school unaccompanied (see below), so please do not allow them to bring one. If your child brings a phone to school the class teacher will lock it away safely until the end of the school day and then return it to you.

Children who walk to school unaccompanied (Years 4, 5 and 6 only) may bring a phone to school. It must be switched off on arrival and handed to the class teacher who will keep it securely until the end of the day. It is to remain switched off until your child exits the school site. 


Smoking outside the school gates

Please be considerate to other children and parents and do not smoke directly outside the school gates or fence.



We know that parking outside school is a nightmare but please respect local residents and do not park across driveways or block entrances and exits. Please also ensure the safety of the children by avoiding parking across pavements wherever you can. Whilst you are waiting please switch off your engine so that the risk to health from pollution is minimised.


Pencil cases

We provide the children with all of the equipment they need for lessons so they do not need to bring in their own pencil cases and equipment from home.


Party invitations

School staff are unable to hand out party invitations for your child or to provide a list of names (this is due to data protection). Your child can give out invitations in class, at the end of the day or you could give them out on the yard at home time. Alternatively, when inviting the whole class your child could bring in no name invites to hand out. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this list of do and don’ts which are in place to keep the children safe and happy.


The staff of West End First School