West Bedlington Early Years Partnership Ethos

West Bedlington Early Years Partnership – Our Ethos

We offer high quality, flexible, early child education in the unique context, of one single provision. This allows children to move seamlessly through Early Years provision from the age of 2 years to 5 years, as they develop and change. The children have access to excellent Early Years provision, both indoors and outdoors. We take pride in developing positive relationships, where each individual is respected, valued and is nurtured to reach their full potential within a happy and caring atmosphere.

From an early age we support our children to become life-long learners, who love learning, are resilient and self-motivated. We teach our children to be emotionally intelligent, confident and articulate, with an understanding of the different ways in which they learn. We encourage the children to develop the ability to view mistakes as a challenge, thus equipping them to be creative thinkers, who are ready for their next stage of learning.

West Bedlington Early Years Partnership – Our Vision Statement

Our overriding aim is to encourage every child to be the best they can, in order to become resilient, self-motivated, life-long learners, who will go on to reach their potential and become productive members of the community.

Our vision for the unique child

  • We will view each child as an individual with strengths, areas to develop and with different learning styles
  • We will observe, assess and plan activities to move each child’s learning on
  • Through observation and assessment we will identify any areas where the child may need additional support and seek to establish early interventions to address this
  • Tapestry is used as a tool to share learning experiences at home and school, as well as providing evidence for the child’s progress
  • A child’s progress will be seamlessly tracked from the age of 2 to 5
  • We will identify a child or groups of children to work on an aspect of learning, inclusion is viewed as each child receiving what they need, rather than the same provision
  • We want the children to understand who they are within the Early Years provision and their place in the local community
  • We will ensure that the children are safe through shared procedures and appropriate policies such as Safeguarding, IT Acceptable Use Policies

 Our vision for positive relationships

  • We will build positive relationships with children, parents, staff and external agency staff members, where everyone feels valued, respected and included
  • We will provide a safe, happy, caring environment for our children where they feel a sense of belonging
  • Staff will be sensitive to the child’s needs and feelings in addition to those of their colleagues
  • We will work in partnership with other agencies to promote the welfare of our children and families
  • Through consistent application of the Jenny Moseley’s rules we will teach the children to behave appropriately, respecting themselves, others and the environment
  • We will teach the children to be tolerant, kind and understanding
  • We will value and promote the development of emotional intelligence and well-being
  • Through Tapestry and Parent Workshops we will work with parents to improve learning outcomes for our children
  • Parents will receive high quality feedback on their child’s progress through Tapestry and face to face meetings
  • We will operate an ‘open door’ policy where parents can ask to speak to staff whenever convenient
  • We will actively involve parents in their child’s learning through morning visits, Tapestry and regular ‘Stay and Do’ sessions

Our vision for the enabling environments

  •  We will provide high quality, flexible, early child education in the unique context of a single provision, where children are entitled to 30 hours provision, this can be flexibly used to meet the needs of working parents, including wrap around care
  • The children will move seamlessly through the Early Years provision from 2 to 5
  • We will provide a culture of ambition and achievement, where successes and perseverance are recognised and celebrated
  • We will provide a stimulating, motivating and interactive environment with plenty of open ended resources in order to develop the children’s  imagination and creative thinking
  • We will provide fun, playful, high quality teaching and learning experiences, appropriate to the needs of the children
  • We will support the children to explore and take risks
  • We value the importance of outdoor learning and provide opportunities to learn in the outdoor classroom daily
  • Consistency and quality is ensured through regular meetings, moderation and shared planning

  Our vision for learning and development

  •  We will foster a love of learning, by making it exciting and fun by providing learning opportunities which allow the children to play and explore, learn actively and create and think critically
  • We will encourage children to see that learning is a life-long process
  • Through a Growth Mindset approach to challenge, we will encourage the children to see mistakes as an opportunity for learning, ensuring that they become creative thinkers
  • Through a Growth Mindset attitude we will create children who are confident, determined and resilient, providing the children with the skills to become problem solvers
  • We will support the children to understand the different ways in which they learn, via the Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • We will equip the children with the knowledge and skills they need for their next stage in learning
  • We will ensure staff are professional and receive training in order to create a high quality provision for our children
  • Through tracking and data analysis the staff will have a continual focus on the outcomes for individual children and the cohort