School Council Overview

Our School Council is made up of 18 pupils from Years 3 and 4. This year, we have held our first democratic election and the children voted for their own class councillors. Each School Councillor serves a term of 1 school year.
The School Council meets regularly with Miss Lowdon, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. McConnell to discuss how to improve the school. Here are just some of the things the School Council has done this year to make West End a better place: 
*They held a large school charity fair and donated proceeds to a worthy cause.
 *They have informed Mrs. Bushell of any problems with the school or playground so that she can talk to the staff about how to resolve them, e.g. the toilet taps being too splashy, the adventure playground being unsafe because of moss.
*Their next project is to organise better seating arrangements in the yard.
 *In addition, the School Council are responsible for collecting and counting up the House Points.
Our School Councillors take their job very seriously and are always keen to help make our school a safe and happy place.