Assessment of what children ‘can do’ supports our curriculum starting with Early Years staff meeting children’s parents & carers in transition and settling in sessions. Parent’s knowledge of their child is vital and we encourage their input, engagement and regular updates.
The staff in the Early Years team use their knowledge of what the children ‘can do’ during their interactions and build upon the children’s prior knowledge. We aim to encourage parents and carers to talk to their children about the learning in school.
Baseline observations of children as the children settle into school give the Early Years Team an opportunity to ensure that our curriculum matches the needs of the current cohort. Regular assessment against our curriculum identifies children who are on track and not on track and interventions are put in place to allow those children to keep up with their peers.
The Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA)
All children in Reception are required to take part in the Reception Baseline Assessment
(RBA). It is a short assessment, taken in the first six weeks in which a child starts reception.  
We will undertake the statutory Reception Baseline Assessments during the child's first six weeks in Reception. 
These are short child-friendly and age appropriate tasks to assess the child's knowledge and understanding in Literacy and Mathematics. They are undertaken on a one to one basis by Miss Costello, our Reception teacher.
The results are submitted to the Department For Education to be used to monitor the child's progress across the school. It will be analysed against their Year 6 information to show progress. 
You can access the information provided by the Standards and Testing Agency below.
End of Year Assessments 
At the end of Nursery, the children will be assessed to identify if they are ‘Reception Ready’ and this will be the base of the curriculum in Reception.

At the end of Reception, the children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals, which is a statutory assessment requirement.