Transition Information For Children Starting Reception In 2020

Dear parents,
As we said in our earlier letter we are very excited that you have chosen to send your child to our
Reception classes in September. We can’t wait to meet them and you. Unfortunately the situation
currently dictates that we will need to wait a little longer to do that in person, however we would
like to begin some transition work with you.

In these unprecedented times our transition activities will be different to usual, but hopefully they
will provide you with the information you need and will let us start building relationships with you
and your child.

We intend to provide information, in sections, for you and your child each week, using the Early
Years section of the West End First School website and via
your email. These will take the form of short videos and PDF documents. We also intend to use
Tapestry, an electronic learning journal we use in the Early Years, to send you some short videos of
us so you and your child can meet us. Hopefully you can send videos back of your child so we can get
to meet them and establish a two way conversation. If you and your child don’t have an account for
Tapestry already, don’t worry we are working on it. The school only needs your name and email
address for us to set this up.

We will also be delivering packs to your home before the end of term, which will include a resource
pack for your child and all the necessary paperwork for you to complete and return to school.
Some information, such as admissions information will be later to come out, when we have a clearer
picture of how this will look in this ever changing landscape.

Today we are sharing some information for you and your child in the form of a PDF e-book.
We would be grateful if you could share this with your child. It will introduce the staff, the learning
environments and the routines of the day. As we are unsure exactly how it will look in September we
will try to give you an insight into how it works usually, and how it is currently working with the
children in ‘family bubbles’. You’ll see that it doesn’t look too different.

We look forward to working with you during your child’s transition and hope we can make it as
smooth as possible for everyone.

Best Wishes
Miss Costello, Mrs Milne and Miss Watson