School Council's Dinner Hall Findings

The children did a survey with the class they represent to find out what the children thought about the dinner hall. These were the main findings:
*The children would like the dinner hall to be brighter.
*The children thought the dinner hall was too loud at times.
*The children would like packed lunch and school dinner children to sit together.
*The children were happy with how clean it is.
School Council then decided to concentrate on how to make the dinner hall less noisy. The children thought that we should have dinner monitors again and that children should be rewarded for being quiet.
The children then showed their findings to Mrs Bushell and she agreed to start a dinner monitor system with the Year 4s.
Some of the School Council members had a meeting with the lunch time supervisors and Mrs Bushell to discuss their other points. They agreed to have a trail run to see if sitting next to anyone at lunchtime would work. 
The lunch time supervisors will discuss the other points in their next meeting.