Home school agreement

We are now  open to pupils in Nursery, Reception and Year 1, alongside those pupils who have been with us throughout the school closure period. We have been delighted with the children’s positive and cheerful attitude to the new systems in place to protect us all at this time. It has been lovely to hear their voices around the school and see their smiling faces (from a safe distance).

As more lockdown measures are eased and more children return to school it is important that we are vigilant and do not let our systems slip and risk spreading the infection. To that end we have produced a home/school agreement which we need all parents of children currently attending school to read carefully and sign to say that they will abide by the arrangements in place to keep everyone safe. We have sent these home to all the parents whose children are attending. Parents should sign and return one copy and keep the other for your own reference.

We have also sent home a flowchart of what to do if your child has symptoms. It is very important that any child who displays systems is tested for coronavirus (if they are over 5 years old) and school is informed of the outcome so that we can take appropriate action for the other pupils and staff.

Copies of both documents can be found below.

I am sure you appreciate how important it is that we all adhere to the safety arrangements in place.

Thank you for your co-operation and support .